It’s 2016 in Vancouver, Canada and real estate prices are on the rise due to rich foreigners buying up all the property. Struggling roommates Jonathan, Faye, Max, and Jason are feeling the pain, as Jason decides to move to another country to escape this crisis.

This motivates Jonathan to escape the 9 to 5, start his own business, and become a millionaire. He later connects with YouTube Star “Peter Chao”, hoping to use his popularity to promote his new app. However, due to miscommunication, Peter sets Jonathan in a completely different direction, and instead makes him face the moment of truth in front of a group of serious investors.

Through the process, new roommate Cassie joins their home as Jason’s replacement and meets Jonathan. They end up making a trade, that Cassie will teach Jonathan business, and in return, Jonathan will help Cassie find a husband. They end up falling for each other, and with their combined power, convinces the investors to take a bet on them. Their app ends up rising to Top 10 Apps in the country & the rest is history…